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fats, oils and grease biological treatment
  GTT-Clear for wastewater is biological treatment s designed for the food service industry. To digest the grease, fats and organic wastes that accumulate in the grease traps and drain lines.

Bioremediation for Fats, Oil and Grease


For Grease Trap Treatment
GTT-Clear is a biological treatment system is designed for the food service industry to digest the grease, fats and organic wastes that accumulate in the grease traps and drain lines. Highly concentrated, bacterial product for industrial use in commercial kitchens. GTT-Clear for Wastewater comes in a 25lb plastic pail and treats grease traps, septic systems and leach fields.

  • high quality concentrated microbial bioremediation product ( 5 billion CFU per gram)
  • Reduces maintenance of the grease trap and the necessity to pump by as much as 50%
  • Eliminates foul odors associated with build up of organic wastes, especially hydrogen sulfide
  • Metabolizes greases, fats, proteins, lipids, starches and detergents into carbon dioxide and water
  • Contains no surfactants or emulsifiers which just send the waste downstream

Mixing instructions:

 Mix 1 or 2 lbs of product in 5 gallons of unchlorinated water. Let mixture stand for approx. 2 to 4 hours, stirring occasionally. Pour the mixture into the grease trap. 

Dosage recommendations:

  • Grease Traps:

    • For an average size restaurant use 5 gallons ( 1 to 2 lbs of dry product) of GTT-Clear for Wastewater, per month, dispensed as multiple doses. For best results, pump trap before beginning treatment and shock trap with 5 gallons.

    Problem Traps:

    • For problem traps, check for proper pH and increase dosage as necessary

Problem Drain Lines:

    • For drain line maintenance, pour a cup of Eco-Impact for Wastewater into every sink, toilet, shower, floor drain, etc. Repeat at least twice per week. For problem drains, repeat daily until problem is solved, then return to maintenance dosage.
  • Important note:  Limit the use of bleaches, sanitizers, and other chemicals. Dispense product at times least likely to be followed by the above.  Regular use of Eco-Impact for Wastewater will significantly reduce the need for grease trap pumping, but will not eliminate it.

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