bioremediation in ponds, wastewater, hydrocarbons and oil spills


microbes for bioremediation in pods, watewater and hydrocarbons

Robert M. Ractliffe CQE


Sales / Technical Support

Quality Assurance Engineer

(250) 277-1503 Intl. Voip

microbes for bioremediation in pods, watewater and hydrocarbons LLC / Bioremediate Canada

Company Info LLC is a company that specializes in supplying custom formulated products for the purpose of removing contaminants from the environment.

Robert M. Ractliffe, the owner of LLC and Bioremediate Canada is a Quality Assurance Engineer and has been in business since 2000, having consulted and providing bioremediation and microbial products for a range of companies and disciplines from:

  • Aquaculture facilities / Aquaponics / Shrimp and Fish farming in Asia
    Farm Restoration and Unique Probiotic Disease Control for Fresh Water Prawn
    Certified pathogen free Brood Stock and larvae production
  • Brown Fields / Hydrocarbon digestion of contaminated soil / land farming / Pump and Treat oil water separation
  • Regulatorty Conformance / effluent BOD reduction
  • Water Management / Pulp and Paper / Environmental Impact / Polution Control
  • Restaurant / Food Processing
  • Horticulture Industry / Fertiliser Utilisation and Disease Control
  • Manufacturing Facilities / Industrial wastewater
  • Landscaping and Property Management companies
  • Stormwater treatment ponds
  • Transportation companies / Vehicle and parts washing / Tanker Car Cleaning
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants / TS Efficiency / BOD Management / Heavy Metal Reduction, both municipal and private

"Our research and development has lead to a solid understanding of why and where microbes perform work, as a supplement or alternative to Pharmaceutical, Chemical or Mechanical Capital Investment."




Petro-Clear - oils spills      Eutro-Clear - pond water      Eutro-Buff buffering      BOD-Clear - wastewater      Nitro-Clear - ammonia