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 microbial bioremediation products
  EUTRO-CLEAR is available in a 25lb plastic container.

What is EUTRO-CLEAR and how do the bacteria work ?


EUTRO-CLEAR is a safe and natural microbial product used to improve the quality of pond and lake water, as well as the water in aquaculture systems.

EUTRO-CLEAR is a made of concentrated blends of bacteria in a dry power form ( 5 billion CFU per gram). These natural bacteria are in a dormant state. EUTRO-CLEAR uses these bacteria for removing excess nutrients from a eutrophied pond or lake in process called bioaugmentation.
There are literally millions of different naturally occurring microbes in our world. EUTRO-CLEAR uses specific strains of microbes.
The microbes reduce the nutrients in the water. Nutrient removal from the water results is the elimination of algae growth, known as algal blooms. Other bacteria reduce suspended particulate matter and organic sediment, reducing bottom sludge. This helps to eliminate foul odors and makes the pond or lake cleaner. Water clears, water quality improves and by removing the overload of nutrients, the water returns to a naturally balanced ecosystem. More information on microbes in pond water.

What role does Oxygen play?
Successful bioremediation of ponds and lake waters depends on a proper combination of nutrients, oxygen, and microbes.
While facultative anaerobes may function in the presence or absence of oxygen, aerobic activity is the preferred method for many contaminants. When bacteria have available oxygen, and hence function aerobically, they produce roughly eighteen times as much energy as anaerobic activity yields. This results in faster, more aggressive remediation.

However, Oxygen is important only in the higher levels of a natural water column. Benthic regions are populated by obligate anaerobes responsible for the digestion of sludge, anaerobic digestion, this the natural way of converting nitrates ( a primary nutrient) to nitrous oxide gas, returning nitrogen back to the atmosphere.

Oxygen applied to the lower levels of a natural lake or
an old established pond are typical erroneous methods employed by engineering firms.
D.O. greater than 1.8mg/l will disinfect (kill) obligate anaerobes (beneficial bacteria) and methanogens (swamp gas) will be generated.
Augmented facultative heterotrophic bacteria settling into these benthic regions will speed up sludge digestion and reduce odors by using an alternate electron acceptor other than oxygen.

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Minimum CFU Count.......... 5 billion/gram

A natural microbial blend contains select facultative bacteria that have been isolated for their ability to perform highly specific, beneficial functions

  • Protein Digesting Bacteria
  • Starch Digesting Bacteria
  • Fat Digesting Bacteria
  • Cellulose/Lignin Digesting Bacteria

EUTRO-CLEAR is in 25lb plastic containers.