bioremediation for ponds, wastewater and oil spills, hydrocarbons


bioremediation of effluennt, grease traps, fats, oils, grease
  EUTRO-CLEAR SB is a proprietary blend of standardized organic, naturally occurring endosporic microorganisms.

EUTRO-CLEAR SB for the bioremediation of Wastewater


EUTRO-CLEAR SB is for BOD, COD, FOG and SOLIDS (TS, TSS) reduction

EUTRO-CLEAR SB Wastewater Treatment contains microbial species that have an affinity for biodegrading industrial wastewater, containing high levels of VOC's with extremely high BOD's, specifically difficult substances such as phenols, phosphorous, chlorinated hydrocarbons and proteinaceous compounds, at accelerated rates.

Eco-Impact SB - Waste Water Treatment may be used in:

Addresses high FOG

It provides rapid hydrolyzation of fats, oils and greases to fatty acids which is followed by biological absorption and digestion, that prevents and even eliminates grease deposits and odors.

You will also see a drastic reduction in BOD and COD levels when used as directed. BOD is reduced. Those facilities that wish to recycle their bio-solids for commercial fertilizer use will benefit greatly from Eco-Impact SB . Regular use of the Eco-Impact SB - Wastewater Treatment results in a cleaner end product.

  • Regular use of the EUTRO-CLEAR SB for - Microbial Wastewater Treatment in the aerobic and anaerobic digesters will result in a cleaner end product by eliminating fats and hazardous organic compounds from the bio-solid component.
  • This product combination is excellent for the remediation of cesspits, lagoons and bio-hazardous waste dumps. It can be pumped down "deep wells" for the remediation of surplus stage 2-wastewater disposal.

Product Sales of EUTRO-CLEAR SB for wastewater

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EUTRO-CLEAR SB for Wastewater Treatment contains the standardized CFU count of 5 billion per gram that can be used to inoculate the media of biodegrading systems, resulting in improved and accelerated digestion of organic solids and VOC's.
Used in conjunction with your existing treatment systems, the regular use of the EUTRO-CLEAR SB for Wastewater Treatment will provide the user with a number of quantifiable benefits:
  • formulations for aerobic and anaerobic digesters
  • accelerated efficacy, reducing retention times
  • enhance the efficacy of the de-watering process by reducing a greater percentage of solids
  • improve quality of effluent reducing the quantity of flocculent additives
  • greatly reduce odor problems
  • up to a 60% reduction in solids over processes that rely on naturally cultivated microorganisms
  • eliminating fats and hazardous organic compounds from the bio-solid component
  • increases digestion rates and improves terminal flocculation