bioremediation in ponds, wastewater, hydrocarbons and oil spills


bioremediation of hydrocarbons, oils spills and BTEX
  Bioremediation products for oil, gasoline, BTEX, lubrication oils, fuel oils, hydraulic fluids, diesel, even coal tar spills

PETRO-CLEAR for Water and Soil Contamination


For the Bioremediation of Hydrocarbons in soil or water

  • Clean-up for oil, gasoline, BTEX, lubrication oils, fuel oils, hydraulic fluids, diesel or coal tar spills
  • 25lbs Treats 75 to 125 cubic yards of moderately contaminated soil
  • Includes petrophillic microbes on a bran substrate
  • 5 billion CFU per gram
  • Contains no chemicals or solvents
  • Safe - easy to use, mix with water and apply to spill

PETRO-CLEAR for hydrocarbonsis a highly concentrated, bacterial product for industrial use on the remediation of hydrocarbon spills. This high quality concentrated product ( 5 billion CFU per gram) comes as a dry bran powder, in a 25 lb. Plastic pail.

Soil Applications: Use 1-2 lb.PETRO-CLEAR for hydrocarbons mixed in 5 gallons of un-chlorinated water, use 1 to 2 gallons of the supernat, per cubic yard of soil / fuel oil. Apply with nutrients as directed. For full instructions - see Product Info page.

Additional Product information - PETRO-CLEAR for hydrocarbons


Sold in a plastic 5 gallon pail.

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